Founding Father

Dr. Thomas L. Whitley, Jr

The Late, Reverend Thomas L. Whitley, Jr. was born on April 30, 1960 in Washington, D.C. He graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a degree in Biology.

Rev. Whitley was called by God into the ministry on November 27, 1988. After preaching his initial sermon, “Ready or Not Here I Come”, he was led by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel on radio. In January, 1989, being obedient to the Lord, Rev. Whitley started his broadcast, which could be heard every Saturday at 10:00am. He was inspired by one particular scripture out of many, Luke 22: 32, “But I have prayed for thee that thou faith fail not and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren”, which led to the name, The To Be Encouraged Christian Ministry.

After being on the radio for a while, Rev. Whitley began to travel up and down the highways, preaching and teaching the uncompromised word of God. The Lord then led him to Jerusalem Baptist Church, Mooresville, NC, under the leadership of the late Pastor Kay F. Gamble. There, he was the youth Minister for about one year.


After evangelizing and drawing more followers, the Lord led him into the Pastoral office of his own ministry. After seeing the community overtaken by the drug war, Pastor Whitley was inspired to start a Twelve Step Deliverance Program. As a result of this program, many souls have been delivered from drugs and various addictions.

In January, 1999, Pastor Whitley earned his Doctor of Divinity from the New Millennium Baptist College. Under his divine leadership, many miracles and healings have taken place in our ministry. Presently, Dr. Whitley has branched out his ministry as he preaches to the students at Queens University of Charlotte every Sunday morning.


But still, The Best is yet to come!
He is well known for his anointed and unusual illustrations. Dr. Whitley is married to the former Vanessa Wallace, who has three daughters and one grandson. Dr. Whitley is a bold and powerful man of God that still believes one simple thing.

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Reverend Thomas L. Whitley, Jr


Reverend Thomas L. Whitley, Jr