Pastor Vanessa Whitley

Pastor Vanessa Whitley

Pastor Vanessa Whitley is an “original Charlottean, born on September 5, 1967.

She is the mother of three daughters, and grandmother (Gram) to one grandson. She is a graduate of Queens University of Charlotte with a BA degree in Psychology.


In her earlier years, Pastor V. Whitley attended a Presbyterian church, but one Saturday evening in 1987, she was invited to Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Huntersville, NC, to the Gospel Creation’s Choir Anniversary concert. It was that moment when her life was forever changed. The following Sunday, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.


Soon after, she met the late, Dr. Thomas L. Whitley, Jr., who was called by God into the ministry on November 27, 1988. Dr. Whitley became the founder and Pastor of, The To Be Encouraged Christian Ministry in 1989. This is where her journey began. Sister Whitley began to seek the Lord for her purpose and how she could serve “the Lord with Gladness.” God told her, her assignment was to aid the Pastor. She immediately joined the Pastor’s Aid auxiliary, and later became the President of the Pastor’s Aid. As God would have it, she and Dr. Thomas L. Whitley became husband and wife on February 29, 2004.


The Lord elevated her from Pastor’s Aid to Helpmate. She watched her husband preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from city to city and state to state. After a lengthy illness, God called Dr. Thomas L. Whitley home, after 31 years of preaching. Sister Whitley’s assignment was complete. But the legacy continues, Sister Whitley began to seek the Lord for her next assignment. After fasting, praying, and waiting to hear from God, God spoke to her and said, “now it’s time to preach my gospel.” Sister Vanessa Whitley preached her initial sermon, July 8, 2018, and was quickly ordained on July 29, 2018.


As the legacy continues, as Pastor Vanessa Whitley believes,
Matthew 19:26, “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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